Methods of Stamping

Progressive Tooling

A common technique used for high volume basic to complex coil fed parts that require more than one hit to form.


This process displaces metal through tremendous force and it is typically used in the production of coins.

Fine Blanking

A high pressure stamping technique that squeezes parts from a coil strip eliminating post processing such as grinding or machining.

Transfer Dies

This technique produces high volume components in one machine separating the part from the coil and manipulating it in the die to complete the part.

Blank Fed

This technique is used for large automotive or heavy truck body components where size and tonnage would prevent the part from being stamped complete in one machine. Sheet metal blank is loaded, either manually or robotically, into a simple or complex tool to produce a complete part or partially complete part that will transfer to another machine (or machines) to be completed.

Hybrid Stamping

This underutilized technique is used for low to medium volumes parts. A punched part is produced from coil steel and finished in a secondary operation such as a press brake. This method allows low-cost tooling options to gain increased production and cost savings.