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Since 1921, our company has grown from a 4000 sq. ft. facility to three buildings totaling 150,000 sq. ft. We have increased our capacity, time-and-time again, to continue to meet all your metal stamping and assembly needs.

Specializing in:

Metal Stamping: Value Added:
Electro-Mechanical Assembly
Index Table Assembly
Over 40 presses Welding


RELIABLE Machine Company

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Reliable Machine - Precision Metalforming Association Member

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Behind them you'll find all the metal stamping answers you're looking for, whatever your industry. Metal stampings are an increasingly popular, cost-effective solution for many design applications and yield the lowest unit cost of any production process.

We run a lean manufacturing facility. All of us at RELIABLE are committed to providing you with high-quality precision metal stampings, on-time deliveries and cost savings... all to boost your bottom line.

And, we consider working with you a privilege.

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Reliable Machine - Women in Manufacturing

Reliable Machine - Women in Manufacturing

RELIABLE Machine Company

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